Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mint for the day

Top: H&M
Handkerchief: Vivienne Westwood
Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood X Melissa

Mint is a fresh cute color,

I would love to add a bit of red to make it more fun :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mayfair Collection

I am in love with Vivienne Westwood Mayfair Collection Autumn/Winter 2013-14,
It just gives the beautiful Orb motif a new look! 
If I were in Hong Kong now, I bet I would have bought the Mayfair 3D Pendant!!

Carven Looks

Carven winter 2013

Carven  Summer 2013

Carven Winter 2012

Tulle Skirt

Got this skirt from Lowry's Farm's sale.
I guess the reason why this beautiful black and white veil skirt 
was almost half off is that the skirt is a bit long.
I always need to put a belt on it in order to wear the skirt higher.
That's how I make the skirt look shorter.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get Cropped!

                         Maiyet Crop Cape                             Kenzo Asymmetrical Leopard Cropped Jacket

      Holmes & Yang Cropped Leather Moto Jacket             Christopher Kane Rosa Cropped Biker Jacket

 Peter Pilotto Isaac cropped cotton-blend jacquard jacket                   ChloĆ© Puffy-sleeve cropped sweater

Cropped Jackets and shirts are always one of my favorites!
Just found the above amazing cropped jackets.
And here comes my cropped shirt that 
I bought from tout a coup when I was in Hong Kong this summer.

VW Rucksack

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania AW13/14

Again since I am looking for backpack,
the rucksack on the opening model catches my attention.
I then go to Vivienne's website and I found the bag!
It's the perfect size and style for everyday,
and I guess it can almost go with any kind of outfit!
Most importantly I can put my laptop and other stuffs in it.
The price is of course higher than some other regular backpacks
but u know, its Vivienne's :).

Jolly III Bi-Color Backpack

Invicta Jolly III Bi-Color Rucksack €47.00

Invicta is an Italian outdoor equipment manufacturer founded in 1906.
Since I am looking for a backpack these days, 
I found these amazing Bi-color backpacks by Invicta.
The color combination, Nylon fabric, and the laptop pocket are totally what I would love!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Go Long

Recently got this rain coat from Monki.
I been loving long coat for a while, 
but seems like there are not as many options while looking for a long coat.
When I say long, it means real long, like couple inches to the floor.
This rain coat I got definitely not long enough but kinda work as well.

Also got this long long top from muji,
and I have lots of fun mix and match it with tops and outerwears.

Here are some perfect long pieces that I just fund online.
Are they wonderful?!

Ann Demeulemeester Contrast long open-sleeve top                     Ann Demeulemeester Hooded Long Coat

                Isabel Marant Isiah Jacket                                                      Elder Statesman Long Cardigan

The Lavender Trip

We had a small trip to Sonoma while Angela was here in SF.
Nice weather, beautiful lavender and most importantly a taste of wine, why not?
ps: I wish SF's weather can be just like Sonoma's

Trying to take some floating pictures and realized it's not that easy to look real.
Adding one more person is even harder :)
Here comes our best shoots.

God this picture is just cracking me off

I wish my car is convertible as well so a sun lover like me can enjoy tanning while driving.
Life is so good when u got sun and friends!

Stay awesome, Vivienne Westwood X Melissa

Vivienne Westwood X Melissa's shoes are always amazing. 
Saw this beautiful princess like heels online earlier,
I loved it but didn't buy it because I don't wear high-heels except party time.

Unexpectedly, I finally saw this in person at my friend's home!!
They look even prettier than I thought!!
How can I not put em on immediately and take some pictures?!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Eye-popping Digital Prints by Peter Pilotto

I was totally amazed when I first saw these amazing prints!
Austrian-born designer Peter Pilotto and his partner 
Christopher de Vos found their label in 2007.

Eye-popping digital prints, colors and shapes are perfectly used in their design.
The prints look very classic, but combining with colors and shapes 
makes modern and unique design.

I really like the looks in their Autumn/Winter 13 collection.
They are so classy so edgy, they got everything that I love!

Peter Pilotto
Autumn/Winter 13

Peter Pilotto
Autumn/Winter 13

Peter Pilotto
Autumn/Winter 13

The Pre-Spring 14 collection are amazing as well.
Again seeing many amazing prints and shapes this time,
they also seem to have the energy and feeling of spring!
I can totally wear them and go out for a walk, dinner or go to events right now!

Peter Pilotto
Pre-Spring 14
Peter Pilotto
Pre-Spring 14

Peter Pilotto
Pre-Spring 14

Even without the iconic prints, their design is still solid and outstanding!

Peter Pilotto
Pre-Spring 14

Peter Pilotto
Pre-Spring 14

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dr. Martens in Houndstooth


A pair of amazing Dr. Martens made in England. 
Using the Houndstooth material, it is so classy so UK!


Wood Curved Sole Sandals

$735.00 $368.00
When I first saw these beautiful sandals, 
I thought this seems like a great discount for a highly detailed stuff like this.
Then I started to do a bit of research on the brand.

K.T.Z, which stands for kokon to Zai, is a British brand.
Seems like this brand has a very consistent style.
It actually reminds me of the combination of Alexander Mcqueen and Givenchy in some way.

I found that there's always one piece that I really like from each category. 
Here's what I found:

Short Bomber Jacke with Lace Embroidered Collar
PRICE: £422.00

Leather Lace Embroidered Top 
PRICE: £780.00
Digital Lace Printed Dress (Sleeveless) / Emerald
PRICE: £425.00

Metallic lace printed skinny trouser
PRICE: £411.00 £328.80
Lace Embroidery Legging
PRICE: £435.00
I wish everything in this brand looks like these.
Anyway, the price seems a bit more reasonable than some higher fashion brands
since a highly detailed jacket or top like this may usually cost over a thousand dollars.