Thursday, July 18, 2013


Wood Curved Sole Sandals

$735.00 $368.00
When I first saw these beautiful sandals, 
I thought this seems like a great discount for a highly detailed stuff like this.
Then I started to do a bit of research on the brand.

K.T.Z, which stands for kokon to Zai, is a British brand.
Seems like this brand has a very consistent style.
It actually reminds me of the combination of Alexander Mcqueen and Givenchy in some way.

I found that there's always one piece that I really like from each category. 
Here's what I found:

Short Bomber Jacke with Lace Embroidered Collar
PRICE: £422.00

Leather Lace Embroidered Top 
PRICE: £780.00
Digital Lace Printed Dress (Sleeveless) / Emerald
PRICE: £425.00

Metallic lace printed skinny trouser
PRICE: £411.00 £328.80
Lace Embroidery Legging
PRICE: £435.00
I wish everything in this brand looks like these.
Anyway, the price seems a bit more reasonable than some higher fashion brands
since a highly detailed jacket or top like this may usually cost over a thousand dollars.

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