Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Bomber Jacket

Embroidered jacket is always on my favorites list.
I actually first saw this jacket when I was in Hong Kong couple weeks ago, 
but I did not buy it because I would love to have more embroidery all over the jacket. Anyway, this jacket fits unexpectedly well! And that's way I bought it at the end.

However, I just found a perfect one! The one that definitely catches attention!


back and sleeve

The jacket can be found at Zara's stock clearance at its website. 
It is $79.99 now and it was $199, so about a 60% discount?! 
I would definitely buy it if I didn't bought the other one! 
I am imagining that it can fit with almost anything - jeans, shorts, legging, skirt... 
whatever u want!


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