Saturday, August 24, 2013

Make the Abercrombie Dress Less "Abercrombie"

Many people got an Abercrombie & Fitch dress in the closet, so do I !
I always think that Abercrombie have very nice fabric and fitting,
the only problem is that they all look very "Abercrombie".
Wearing the Abercrombie dress by itself makes me bored 
because it's just too causal for people like me.
However, I got these two dresses from Abercrombie outlet for the greatest price:
Red floral dress $16, White dress $10.
Since I had so much fun mixing, matching and layering them,
I think it would be great to share what I think can make the Abercrombie dress look less like Abercrombie. 

Adding layers on top or under the dress can make a huge different.
Wearing it with a shirt, T-shirt, vest, sweater, or any other top and bottom can be great and fun!

Adding colors that appear less in Abercrombie's products can easily turn the look and feel.
For example, neon colors definitely feel less Abercrombie.
(Neon yellow, neon green, neon orange are my favorite !!)
If neon colors are not your preference, 
wearing complementary colors can also quickly change the theme.
For example, matching your red dress with green shoes or top, 
or wearing your white dress with green top and red tights...  

Don't wear flip flops! 
You can wear boots, high-heels, sandals...
Anything that is more fun or trendy would help a lot!!

Well, hope you all can have fun and play with your beautiful Abercrombie dresses!
or in fact, any kind of dress :) !


  1. ooooh they look good! your Abercrombie & Fitch dress is nice <3

    Carla Cee

  2. you are so bold! i love it! i've read the content of your blog and i think your contents are heavy enough! sure i want to follow your blog but i don't know how... :(